Practical advice for getting ripped - Practical advice for getting ripped

The No Nonsense Guide for Slimming Down

Waist lineGetting a slim physique is easier said than done. The hangup most people have is not so much exercise, but maintaining a good diet for the long haul. Doing jumping jacks until your legs give way is a waste of effort if you go on a fast food binge a few hours later. Until you can commit to a long-term diet plan, your time is best served outside the gym.

How to Get your Diet in Order

It is very common for people to under-estimate how many calories they consume. Sure, you may be eating two meals a day, but if they are from Taco Bell and the like, you can easily exceed your caloric needs. Mix in the morning trip to Starbucks and the candy you snacked on at work, and it is very easy to see where those extra pounds are coming from. To break this habit, start by computing what your body actually needs given your physical dimensions and activity levels. A total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) calculator can help you do this. The figure it spits out is the amount of calories you should be consuming to MAINTAIN your current weight. If you cut the figure progressively starting by a few hundred calories, you will shed the pounds. Be sure to keep any cheating to a minimum to prevent setbacks.

Get Smart About Your Workout Routines

You can’t help but nod your head when you see significantly overweight people doing endless sets of crunches in hopes their stomach will slim down. If you want to lose weight in a short amount of time, you need to be smart about what exercises you do at the gym. It has been proven over and over again that there is no way to spot reduce fact beyond having surgery. The best you can aim for is to drop your overall body fact levels so overall you look slimmer.

In order to do this, high intensity cardiovascular work is required. I don’t mean a ten minute walk on the treadmill. A jog or even a run is more like it. Your heart rate needs to be pumping at those higher registers in order for the body to burn fat, approximately 60% of your maximum heart rate. The more you can sustain this level of aerobic activity, the more fat you will burn.

A big mistake to make is to not incorporate resistance training into your fat loss plan. When you pack on muscle, your body begins to burn more calories. Furthermore, those flabby areas of skin become more solid and defined, creating the appearance of having leaned out. Some simple work with free weights like chest press and flys, rows, lunges, etc a few times a week can help you make immense strides in reaching your weight loss goals. In due time, you may find that you have to commit less time to the treadmill due to the lean mass you have gained. Again, muscle building is too a marathon so adjust your expectations accordingly.